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Why the GI libary is an important place in our community

The Glen innes library is  the information center for our community. It has wifi so other people can come to use it if they don’t have it at home.

You can go there to read books and get very intelligent. You can go there to register for activities in the holiday’s like the holiday reading program.

You can go there to study or do your homework. You can learn about all kind’s of things like dinosaurs, world war 1 and 2, all the different types of presidents, outer space, and the different animal’s you’ve never seen.

The library  is important for people who are stressed out they can go there to clear their mind and relax. It can help you get smarter. The Gi library has heep’s of books that you can read everyday. The Gi libary is important to lots of people in our community that is why it is important.      


Weekm 7 Reading Activity

Term 1 Week 7  - Reading Activities for Editors

WALT: We are learning to make predictions using visual cues and our prior knowledge on the topic or title and by reading the text.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to confirm my prediction by reading the text.

Title:what’s for pudding

  1. My Predictions:I predict that a lady named Rosemary and her friend joseph she was cooking pudding.

  1. Key Ideas:
     . my key ideas is about rosemary and joseph cooking pudding for her family                                
        and friends.  
     .  they are cooking makira pudding

    .  they are in solomon islands
     .  they live in a village called mugha    

  1. Vocabulary and meanings: - Write at least 10  words down and its meaning.
     1.     Containing-have or hold someone or something
     2.     parcel - an object or a collection of object.
     3.     Motu- a member of a mealen of people
     4.     Cassava-the tuberous root of tropical trees
     5.     Cook house- a kitchen or dining hall
     6.      Temperature - the degree intensity of heat.
     7.       Grated- to rub something and it will get shredded
     8.       Makira - a necklace
     9.       Bambo- a long and large  stick
     10.    Tong-   a tong is used to pick up food
  1. My question and answers:
      1.      what are they making ?    
                They are making a pudding.
      2.      What ingredients do they use to make puddings?
                They use Cassava, motu, banana leaves, and coconut.  
      3.      What is their name’s?      
               Rosemary, and Joseph.
      4.      What country do they live in?      
               They live in the solomon islands.  
      5.      What is cassava?           
               cassava is a tropical plant.  

  1. Summary: my summary is about what is for pudding it is about a girl named rosemary and her friend  named joseph they make pudding for their family and friends. They live in the solomon island’s their village is na mugha.  

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What i like about Reciprocal Teaching

What i like and know about Reciprocal teaching

What I like about RT is that you can be the leader, clarify, and learn cool stuff.
What I know about Reciprocal teaching is that it is a kind of teaching that is very cool and it has four words clarify, questioning, summary and predictor.

Zombie hunt

                                                  Zombie hunt

Once upon a time there were 106 soldiers. They lived in a palace and they had a very, very smart scientist.
The scientist made a formula that can infect people with a deadly virus.

He hid it because it was to dangerous. Then one of the soldiers named Alex found it and he took it to his friend tom. He accidentally dropped the virus and cut his arm allowing the virus to infect him.  He slowly turned into a zombie! Everybody ran and the zombie infested 52  soldiers. There were 54 soldiers left.

Soon the whole world was infected, except for some people that survived the infection. They worked really hard to find a cure, but sadly they couldn’t.

There names were Rectofin,  Bruce , Quinn , Ronnie, Takio and Mike. One day they found a cure for zombies. All they had to do is test it on a real zombie. That is when they all disagreed. But they knew if they didn't do this they would be stuck with zombies forever and they did not want that to happen, so they had no choice.

So they went to find one zombie but every time they saw one zombie there was a whole group of them! So it was pretty hard for them to get a zombie. Then when they were in the jungle they got ambushed by zombies. Turns out they weren't normal zombies. They could talk and they collect other people to eat. It was night and Tectofin and Takio were waiting for Ronnie, Bruce, Quinn, and Mike. They were getting worried so they grabbed their gear and went to  find them. They put the tracking device on to see where they had gone. When they have reached the  end of the track, they opened the door to the dam. They searched it and found the zombies with his friends. They went in and shot all the zombies. They tried not to kill one zombie because they needed one to test their cure. So they killed the zombies but all the others herd. They tried to escape the dam with one zombie. They knocked one out and escaped the building.

They tested the cure and it worked! They sent it around the world. Once all the zombie’s turned back to human again they rebuilded and never made a zombie virus again.